Learn to write… The art behind writing a Blog.

What one thing is needed to learn anything?

I say it’s “The focus” 

“Is it really difficult to write?” 

There is no right or wrong answer to it, in fact, answering it would be a little difficult,

Actually, it depends.

And It depends on what you want to achieve by writing a blog or content. It depends on the time and research that you will be investing to develop the skills.

Writing is an art that can be learned with practice. 

And all that is needed is to have a goal and an utter focus and consistency to write and post at least a few words articles every day, which could be anything from 300 to 500 words initially that later can go up to your capacity of writing.

But, a goal is required. and if relates to

  • Share real-life experiences with audiences.
  • Educate the audience that they can resonate with it.
  • Solving a specific problem of customers.
  • Help people understand a complex topic.
  • An in-depth review of a tools/gadgets/technlogies/concepts.

And to go on with it, you will need to first understand the topic in depth. and it all can be started with writing the things.

This process is a bit complex and can involve time from days to months or even a year or two. But the more you involve yourself with consistency in writing and dedicate time to learn, research and finding new things, the better it’s going to be.

When you write well-researched, valuable information in an informative way, people will enjoy reading it and the search engines will reward you with visitors.

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“How to build a habit of writing a blog post” in a few simple steps to follow.

You may be a newbie and you may have never written a blog or any content, but with a little focus and consistency, you can acquire the skills to write outstanding blogs.

Here’s are the steps.

  • Step 1- Choose a Topic
  • Step 2– Research
  • Step 3- Create an Outline
  • Step 4- Write a Headline
  • Step 5- Introduction
  • Step 6- Write a draft
  • Step 7- More research and edit
  • Step 8- Publish

You shouldn’t worry about the grammar initially, there are tools to take care of. And also, you should be worried about the language to follow to write your blogs post, you can choose your regional language if you’re comfortable with it. but writing in English is now more preferable, to reach the global.

And if your problem is English then you shouldn’t be worried. Instead, go and learn the language, with talking, reading and writing more and more, it can be learned.

See, to write an outstanding blog, all is needed for you is to work upon your skills and acquire the required knowledge. and with writing by the heart, this will be possible.

To be continued..

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